Falling In Love With Portland

It’s difficult not to be charmed by everything in Portland. It is a city that seems custom-designed to delight all the senses. Form incredible food available from an army of food carts to the award-winning breweries and the fabulous dining opportunities and a laid back atmosphere this is a city that will reward exploration. So if you find yourself in Portland (or are looking for that great new vacation experience) then you will need to prioritize these Portland attractions.

Let’s take a look at the breweries that have gained Portland brews such attention. Firstly if you are looking for a brewery tour then you will be spoiled for choice as there are over 70 in the city. One of the best ways to sample some of Portland’s best beer is to find your way to Wayfinder. Take your place on the patio and start a wonderful sipping odyssey. Make sure to try the ‘Hell’ a combo of helles and classic lager – it’s bright boasts a pleasing floral nose. Or go for something with even more depth and explore the coffee-infused pilsner. A great alternative if Level Beer. Here one can enjoy some great video game themed beers and ales. try the ‘Ready Player One’ – a fantastic dry-hopped saison flavored treat. Or tuck into the ‘Game On’ which boasts a distinctly refreshing piney taste. Experience award-winning beers at Breakside. A variety of medals from the World Beer Cup stand as a testament to just how good the beers from this brewery are. Sample from brews that include the ‘Something Wicked’ IPA and the ‘Rough Beast’.

Getting into the Portland food scene is as simple as paying a visit to the Saturday Market on the waterfront. here one will find arts and crafts, as well as some fabulous street food (some supplied by those justifiably famous Portland Food Carts). There’s also a variety of entertainment on offer to keep both young and old fascinated. The sheer number of vendors and the variety of goods on offer will provide visitors with a shopping and browsing experience that is simply a delight.

The waterfront also has other attractions – with one of the most popular being the Tom McCall Waterfront Park. Here those in search of serenity and green space will find an attraction that bears revisiting over and over. Joggers find it perfect for exercise, while the 1.5 miles of sidewalk and open grassy spaces invite you to sit, relax and watch the world go by or set off on an exploration of this attractive part of Portland. The space also plays host to a number of events during the course of the year – among these being the Oregon Brewers Festival (Portland takes its beer very seriously).

No trip to Portland would be complete without at least dupping your tow into its famous coffee scene. Stumptown was one of the first micro-roasters to set Portland on its path to coffee greatness. Pay them a visit and at the same time experience some great donuts and beer in the surrounding area.

If you are in Portland you will never be at a loss for things to do – make sure that it is on your bucket list of great American cities to visit.